Freediving initiation

Are you beginner ? Come with us to discover new feelings and improve to have a great experience !

woman in black one piece swimsuit in water
woman in black one piece swimsuit in water

Freediving course

You want to spend 2 days to improve you depth and enjoy our dive sites ? You can book our course !

The initiation offer you new feelings and you will learn techniques and tricks to enjoy our wonderful dive sites.

Immerse yourself in this experience and learn much more about yourself and your capacities.

Freediving initiation is about 3-4hours, and includes a full briefing with our instructors, all the equipment, water/tea and snack.

You just have to take your swimsuit and let's go for a new adventure !

6 pax maximum

Our 2 days course will offer you a great improvement in the 0-20m area on your descents.

There is theory, and practical : static training and dynamic training. Perfect to try all your news knowledges.

The course is about 2 days (4 half days) to dive in différents dive sites. All the equipment is included, and also briefings, water/tea and snack.

6 pax maximum

a woman is diving in the water
a woman is diving in the water

Discovery freediving (1 day)

Would you like to enjoy on a full day and improve yourself on our great dive sites ? Come here !

Discovery freediving is a perfect combo with an introduction and exploration on the afternoon if you want to enjoy the best dive sites in Tahiti.

There is a theorical part, static training and dynamic training and it allows you to practise directly on the lagoon and ocean.

It's a all day activity : around 3-4 hours on the morning with introduction, break for lunch (not included), and ocean freediving on the afternoon. Included : briefing, equipment, water/tea and snack.

6 pax maximum

Discovery Suba Diving

If you are beginner, and you want to discover the wonderful Tahitian dive sites !


If you are already certified (OW, ADV, Res, DM...), come and enjoy great sites with us.


Would you like to step over and get your certification? We teach you everything !

female diver near sea sponge during daytime
female diver near sea sponge during daytime
man underwater
man underwater

Scuba Diving

The discovery scuba diver is the first step before going in the ocean and enjoy the great marine life of Tahiti.

Our profesional and passioned team will drive you to live an unforgettable experience.

It's about 2 hours activity and all the equipment is included, so as water/tea and snack on board. You just have to bring your smile !

Don't wait more, contact us to book your first immersion in a very small group (only 2 persons).

Tahiti Nui offer about 15 dive sites close to the marina (5 to 20 minutes by boat) for all certifications and all requests. Turtles, rays, sharks, coral garden, drop off... We can find the best place for everybody, kids and parents too.

Our team purpose you explorations, with only 5 people on board, for more quality and conviviality.

We bring water/tea and snack onboard. All equipment and tax are included.

5 pax maximum

Tahiti Freediving can offer your Level 1, 2, 3 ANMP (international recognition). Always with a small group for more quality during all your course.

Certification courses include all the equipment, water/tea on board, briefing, certification fees and taxes.

4 personnes maximum

Snorkeling tour

On our tours, you can discover the most beautiful snorkeling sites in Tahiti and swim with turtles, rays, sharks...

a person swimming in the water near a coral reef
a person swimming in the water near a coral reef


Our snorkeling tours are about 3-4 hours and will offer you a great experience with marine life on the best dive sites.

All the equipment is included, we offer you water/tea and snack onboard. You juste have to take your swimsuit and your camera to catch best memories about your trip.

6 pax maximum

Snorkeling tour with whale watching

Between august and November, enjoy this period to see humpback whales and realize your creasiest dream !

Humpback whales are coming every year in French Polynesia. We are so lucky to enjoy with them, respectfully. They come to mate, give birth and caring their calf.

Our tours include all the equipment, briefing with experienced guides, and water/tea/snack on board. For more quality, we only take 5 people on our trip. Half day excursion (4-5h)

5 pax maximum

white boat on body of water during daytime
white boat on body of water during daytime

Catamaran cruises

Wonderful cruise on the Tetiaroa atoll including freediving course during 2 days.

The cruise includes all the equipment, food, nights onboard, fuel, taxes, towels...

How ? Meeting the day before around 6pm to go to Tetiaroa during the night. On the next morning you will be happy to start the freediving course. We offer you also free times to discover the beauty of Tetiaroa. You can contact us for more informations and book your cruise.

8 pax maximum

Tetiaroa Freediving Cruise

Would you like to do freediving and discover one of the most beautiful island in French Polynesia ? Don't wait !

Do your own cruise

Catamaran cruises : we offer you cruises depending on your requests. Family cruise, friends cruise, scuba diving cruise or freediving cruise, choose your personal curie with our qualified staff.